Album: New Life


My Friend
New Life
People Make The World Go Round
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(Aleksandar Mikić / Katarina Kačunković)

Wanna be my friend and stay around
skies may crush and fall, but I won't let you down
have trust in me - I'll keep you warm
keep you safe and sound, even out's a storm

I'll be your light to guide you thru the night
won't break your heart, honestly!
always find ways to tell you: you're my friend!

gotta keep you close, gotta back you up
gotta keep you cosy even thru a darkest night
isn't this enough? more than enough!
being near you is like the strongest stuff!

come, be my light and guide me thru the night
don't break my heart anymore
can you find ways to tell me:
if you find reasons just to be my friend
say you'll stay with me right until the end
if you are the light – shine on me!
help me find reasons to live!
(be my friend, stay around, keep me warm, safe and sound...
keep me close, back me up, leave me not In the dark)
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